Dunno if any one can help me with this one, a girl i work with owns one of these vehicles its a 2.8 diesel intercooler jobby, and basically the indicators left and right have stopped working.
shes skint and having a hard time of it its been one thing after another with the car. Shes turned to me as she knows im for ever tinkering with my motor, ive checked all the fuses and they all seem fine, but i cant seem to find any relays any where does any body know where these are, shes phoned the daihatsu dealer and been told it will cost 48 just to look at it, she called the AA out and they didnt seem to have a clue . but mentioned something about a hazad swith and lots of money to import part?
any ideas how i can check this out and any wiring diagrams and advice would be great , she wants me to have a look at it on saturday. I need to do this as shes well fit and i need to impress , come on guys i need your help.. big time, even if theres a way i can bodge it to work..

cheers andy