Induction Kit for 2000 Astra mk4 sxi 1.6 16v
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Thread: Induction Kit for 2000 Astra mk4 sxi 1.6 16v

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    Red face Induction Kit for 2000 Astra mk4 sxi 1.6 16v

    Ive just bought the car, and wanted to fit an induction kit to it.

    However, reading some of the threads here revealed that a lot of you don't agree with induction kits!

    Now im confused. Will one be any good on my car?

    Which one? I was thinking of a Ram Air or a Quick Shift racing one. Will a 1.8 16v Ecotech Pipercross work with my engine?

    Or do i do the panel filter route? Does it give u the "bwarrrp" sound?

    Need help with this, don't wanna mess my new car up! Cheers.

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    Induction kits wont give you any noticeable performance increase, (1-3bhp on avg) but they do give a nice induction roar and look good.
    The problem is they all potentially suffer from heat soak.
    IE Taking in warm air from the engine bay.
    Unless you give the kit a good air feed from the grille, and/or build in a heat shield, you may find performance decreases.
    A bonnet scoop will help too if you want to go that far.
    Pipercross types are the best as they have their own heat shielding and include an air feed pipe, but expensive at over 200.
    Best bet is to fit a K&N panel filter, and either leave it as that, or mod the airbox as well with some drilled holes in the base and bottom sides of the box.
    That gives you the small performance increase and a nice roar, and about the cheapest worthwhile mod you can do.

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