I was given a 20XE but the cam jornels (SP!!) are missing and i have been told the they are matched, there fore i have a few options and i would like your opaions on what to do.
I am going to get the bottum end lighted, but for the top i will need another.

To buy a x rally one will be about 700, but i want to buy the MBE management so i can ugrade to TB's in the future.

I would like to flow the head and get some SBD cams for it.
So how much would a normal head cost, and what else would i need to do to the head to make it safe for upping the rev limte.

Also where is the best place to get a gasflowed head done.

Or can i buy new cam jornels from Vaux.

I have had many sleepless nights thinking about what i should do.
I am on the understanding that with that and TB's i sholud have over 200BHP.

What about a change of pistons, i don't really want to go into engine boring i just want to increase the power?