FAO ste_sa, Novaturbo etc
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Thread: FAO ste_sa, Novaturbo etc

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    Too do it properly you will need to practicaly bare shell the car. Its up to you how far you go. I used a wire brush on the end of a drill to get my seam sealer off, I tried a few ways, this was the best.
    My engine is out at the mo, I'll get some pics of the engine bay etc etc.

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    Cheers Rob, that would be good.

    the inside is pretty much bare shell and alot of wiring has still got to come out. I have to do things in stages tho as it might not be until the end of summer before the engine goes in so i'm keeping the old engine in to keep it road worthy so i don't miss out on events this year.

    action plan is:-

    - weld up inside of car.
    - fit roll cage.
    - fit bucket(s).
    - sort all wiring for dash including any guages etc.
    - fix doors and bodywork on front (outside).
    - new front brakes (v6 or 4 pots, what do you think?)
    - wheels & pukka tyres to go over brakes.
    - replace suspension setup.
    - remove engine.
    - weld up engine bay and fit full HH plating kit.
    - fit new engine.
    - drive it like a loon!

    as you can see its gonna take time.

    added to the fact is that i'm gonna need 18s & a suspension kit on the Primera Sport in October, I'm saving for a house and my student loan repayments start in april. I'm gonna be working a fair few hours!!!


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    Ste you dont do things by halfs do you .Will it be on the by next weekend or what?lmao
    Mark Beeson

    If its a NOVA I might know. Ive tried/fixed everything.
    Nova 280+ bhp and a quaife straight cut gearkit + ATB and water injection and 6 pot calipers that wont fit! Now I have a power steering setup for my nova!
    I also own a Citroen Xsara VTS

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