Transfer Box - UK Repair Quality Report
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Thread: Transfer Box - UK Repair Quality Report

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    Transfer Box - UK Repair Quality Report

    This is a report on a transfer box, which was 'reconditioned' in the UK.

    To those of you contemplating spending hundreds of pounds on a replacement box, remember you do tend to get what you pay for, and often less.

    This has nothing to do with those operations selling second hand boxes, as long as they are sold as such, nor those who are honest about what has been done to the box.

    I have been saying for some time there are no brand new transfer box parts in the UK and this is still the case.

    The bearings are the most readily available, as pattern parts. For example, when the mainshaft bearings are changed the proper equipment is required to realign the crown wheel and bevel gears etc.

    The report also shows the processes involved in setting up and checking the transfer box during the build.

    A link to this report was recently added to a MigWeb post.

    This is the Report
    cc CavWeb & ClubCalibra
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