Can anyon help me I have a p plate 97 astra TD (GM engine) As you can imagine it wouldn't pull the skin off milk, and I now have a rear end written off cav diesel turbo on offer (isuzu). I am no stranger to fitting engines, or making them fit where nessecary. I want to fit the cav engine to my astra, is there much difference inovlved?.

I'm no stranger to fitting engines,wiring, fueling etc etc is not a problem, is the standard astra turbo intercooler up to the job of the izusu lump? Or will the cav one have to fit. I know the two gearbox mounts will fit as they are the same or similar boxes. Hows about the drivers side chassic leg mount? Case off take it off the cav and fit it to the astra?

any help, would be greatly appreciated!