lack of oil pressure
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Thread: lack of oil pressure

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    I got my results back from Gavin about my K16, they said there is BIG damage on the bearing shells, basically 400+vat to fix! So I've told them to send it back to me all in bits and Ive bought Muppets K16 off him on this board.

    I've installed the new oil pump, cranked it over via starter motor only (no spark plugs, HT leads or fuse to fuel pump removed). Spins over no problems. It took about 15-20min of solid cranking before I got oil coming out of the oil feed pipe to the K16. Think there was a bit of a blockage in my oil rad cooler as I had the return pipe off and after about 5min of cranking, some old black oil crap came flying out, and then freash cleaner oil.

    Now the K16 is fitted, removed the return oil rubber pipe, cranked it over and some more oil came out, but not a lot, just a dribble. I presume this is the case becasue there are no exhasut gases flowing, hence the internals are not spinning and 'collecting' oil, so the oil pump is just ramming oil into the K16 and some will find its way out again.

    For info, without the K16 fitted, I got 2bar on my oil pressure gauge when cranking. With the 16 fitted, got 4 bar on the oil pressure gauge while cranking.

    with the engine actually running, I get 2bar at idle and when driving (accelrating) I get 4-5bar on the gauge.

    So what was the problem after all?
    The oil pressure relif valve getting jammed closed plus the small blockage (not allow good oil flow) in my orignal oil cooler rad. Now I've cleaned the rad out and fitted a new oil pump, all seems well.

    Plus the Calibra passed its MOT today with only 40miles of running in, emmisions seem to be spot on. However my AFM gauge meter doesn't read right to me, I never see a red LED when accelrting hard, plus it dosn't read ANYTHING when I'm rolling up to a T junction etc.....but thats another story.

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    Glad you got it sorted Alan.

    Happy motoring

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