C20LET pipework and wiring diagrams
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Thread: C20LET pipework and wiring diagrams

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    C20LET pipework and wiring diagrams

    Can you post and pictures or diagrams that will be usefull when fitting a c20let into a nova gsi 92.

    Info needed on how to connect up the pipework for the rad, turbo, etc. Also any wiring diagrams.

    Also any useful tips on where to mount the ECU, where to run the wiring looms, ANYTHING USEFUL AT ALL.

    Does anyone sell an exhaust to suit this car or do i have to have one custom made??

    I am not a mechanic, but fairly competant with a spanner, so with your help i should be able to do this.

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    hi there. i got my exhaust made up at a powerflow dealership and it was 2.5" from the downpipe back. very easy to do for a pro.
    my ecu is mounted under the dash at the drivers side - u can see the bolts behind the battery going through the bulkhead. the loom goes through a hole here aswell.

    about the wiring, im not the best at this but ive heard that you are better replacing the full car loom with a 1.2 or something smaller as ther 1.4i upwards is harder to wire up.(keep the fuel pump wiring though)

    the turbo pipe work is as follows.

    air filter/air flow meter - turbo inlet(top of turbo compressor side)

    turbo outlet(bottom of compressor side) - intercooler bottom connection.

    top intercooler connection - inlet plenum.

    if you need anything more i can have a look sometime for ye


    thick red - battery, thin black - igntion switched feed, thick red/blue - fuel pump, brown/blue - ecu light. thin green - rev counter.

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