Gearbox oil query
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Thread: Gearbox oil query

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    Gearbox oil query

    Ok, I have the F25 box.
    Now, when you look into the engine bay, the top of the gearbox, underneath the duct for alternator cooling, there is a small plastic plunger on a spring sticking vertically upwards from the box.
    What is this for? is it some kind of pressure relief valve?
    The reason I ask is I constantly have a little puddle of red fluid on the webbing on the gearbox in this area so I am wondering if I have a leak.
    Its not power-steering fluid is the level in the P/S tank remains constant, so I reckon it may be gearbox oil.
    Where is the level plug on this box? Haynes is rather vague on the subject.
    I presume the box and fluid are "sealed for life" so the oil shouldnt need changed, but surely there is provision to check the level and top-up if necessary?


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    if the box is laid out anything like an f16/f20 then checking the fluid is done by removing a bolt next to the driverside driveshaft. just to the upper right of the diff retainer plate (the drive shaft goes through the centre of it) the fluid should be level with the base of the screw thread. if more fluid is needed it goes in through the top via the breather. this is on the turret where you gear linkage joins the box. think it's a 17mm spanner to remove.

    wee tip level the level plug out and fill slowly with oil. this way you know it's at the right level as it will find it's level and the excess will flow out.

    red fluidis usually p/s or gearbox oil. how thick does it feel?

    i know you are clued up on cars but have described how things look as someone else who is not so genned up can read it and do it theirself
    curiosity killed the cat...................but for a while i was a suspect!!

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