I have an unusual question here. The 125 THM 3-speed automatic gearbox used in the Astra Mk2, in the conjunction with the C16NZ (US version - 67 hp) engine. Well, this happens to be my winter beater . With top-notch winter tyres, it goes thru snow like a tank !!

The problem is, the engine has 350,000 km (218750 miles) on it and its rather leaky....1l of oil per 2 weeks... But it doesn't smoke. The gearbox has been replaced some time ago, so this is not my concers. I have a 2.0 8V 103bhp engine from my GSI (think of it as big block OHC with the MULTEC Central FI, like in C16NZ), that I was thinking of swapping, as ot only has about 105000km. This would be super easy as the FI hookup is the same. The body is in good shape, so I'd like to make it my designated winter car. Will this auto gearbox hold or is it going to fall apart due to too much power? What do you think?