My mate have a corolla 1,6 sedan with the front lights like eyes. Like the new scooby's. The car haven't the vvt-i engine. It is 107 bhp. It has a lowering suspension Apex -40mm and Kayba schocks. The tyres is Yokohama A539, std size 185/60/14".
The car is hanling so good and it's very-very difficult to understeer. The only thing you must to do is to turning with a lot of throttle, because if you leave the gas pedal it oversteering a lot easier from a cav. But the matter is if you know to drive this car with right way it is to fast in roads with a lot of turns. The cavalier is understeering much easier and i don't know how to improove it. And don't say to go for wider tyres because the corolla have only 185/60 size.
What other ways can reduce the natural understeering of all cavaliers?
I want ways from all because i think this matters a lot vauxhall owners.
The problem i think that this problem exists (understeer) is because vauxhall cars for some reason have the engines very front from the vertical line of the front suspension. And for that the weight of the engine loads the front of the car and make the car understeering easier.
One way to improve that is to make the rear suspenion harder.
Other way is to go for wider tyres to the front. (But and another car like corolla can do that easy).
Other way is to load with more air the front tyres and to lower more the front of the car, but do you know another way to make a cavalier to not understeering?
Can't it happen?
I think it can, because and the touring car cavalier have the engine very front and i don't think that a a car like this is going to understeer. But of course a rally car is a different story.
May my car it understeers more because have a 8v engine and not 16v. Because the weight of the 8v engines is more in the front. The 16v engines have the second camshaft (and the extra weight from the inside side. Nearly in the suspension. Better center gravity.
Other opinions?

Ohh just now my mate phone me and tell me that my new wheels Compomotive MO 16"X7" have at last come in my home from larkspeed with Fedex COURIER.

These news can be the way for a lot less understeering!!!
I 'll take a pictures at least to can see my car.
I 'm so happy !!!