life time guarantee on magnex s s exhaust
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Thread: life time guarantee on magnex s s exhaust

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    Question life time guarantee on magnex s s exhaust

    Check this out, any one got a s s magnex exhast on there mk2 astra,
    ive got a full ss system, backbox, centre and manifold - but it was blowing real bad, the systems 3 years old and ive got the receipt - i took it to protyre in bristol where my mate works and when we had a look at it on the ramp i couldnt believe it had all rusted, i thought stainless steel didnt rust - the manifold is rusted and has a big crack in it, the centre pipes baffles were knackered and the silencer on the centre pipe had virtually rusted through.
    So i phoned magnex and was told they could not help me even though i had a life time guarantee as they no longer make a system for my car. How unfair is that !. My mums saying i should take them to a small claims court - do you think i would get any where or i would just be wasting my time?
    I couldnt find any one who could weld the manifold and supply a centre pipe as its s/s -and everyone else told me the manifold was a sports type and had a larger bore than a standard centre pipe - so i ended up forking out 180 quid at longlife for a centre pipe and to have the crack welded - but it is blowing again, ive got a standard 4-2-1 manifold - vauxhall i think, would this mate up to the new centre pipe ive know got fitted from longlife and to top it off the back box now also sounds nasty - im thinking maybe to cut may losses of the !80 centre pipe , and to use the standard manifold and maybe get a full system - pvd got a janspeed system on offer for 150 - what do you reckon ?

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    My mums saying i should take them to a small claims court - do you think i would get any where or i would just be wasting my time?

    Do this they WILL back down, will prob' give you money back if they don't sell it any more.

    I had same sort of prob' with ScorCRAPion exhaust, kept snapping, took 7 weeks for replacement and no sorry, cracked 3 more times since.

    Putting new Sportex system exhaust on this week, going back to normal performance exhaust, can't trust stainless systems anymore.
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    You should at a minimum get a refund, as if it has rusted they have used a very low grade material. Lifetime warranties are usually limited to the time you own the car it is on - i.e. if u sell the car it is void and if you change it to another car it is void. Sounds like you're ok there though.

    A proper stainless exhaust should in theory outlast the car. We've had stainless exhausts on our minors for 22 and 14 years, and neither are showing signs of failure. Ok so they're not performance items, but you get the point

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