4x4 G/Box Confusion
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Thread: 4x4 G/Box Confusion

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    Question 4x4 G/Box Confusion

    I want to renew the gearbox's oil.

    The transfer box, dif and viscous coupling I've sussed from the cavweb page etc.

    What about the 5sp box ? What oil and where is the drain and refill plugs ? Surely it dosent use the 0.6l in the transfer box ????

    90 8v 4x4 Cav

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    The 0.6l you mention is for the transfer box itself and not the gearbox.

    I am not sure exactly where the drain and level plugs are for that gearbox but if you look underneath and to the right (towards passenger side) of the transfer box you will see another drain plug and this is the gearbox drain plug.

    The level plug is another hex bolt in the side of the gearbox (passenegr side again) and can be difficult to find due to lack of room and is probably ocvered in crap.

    The filler plug is a bolt type that sits at the top of the box near where the gearshift level enters the box.

    Use Mobilube1 SHC 75W/90 for the gearbox again.
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