My car was due for an MOT, but I couldn't be bothered to faff around under my car putting the original catalytic converter on.

So I hit upon the bright idea of flipping the A/B plug round to the 'B' side. I remember reading in TIS that switches the ECU into low noise/emission mode, required for certain countries that feel the C20XE is a bit 'noisy' lmao

The results?

Well, my car failed on emissions. But not as badly as you might think! Here are the results:

CO Level Limit 0.3%
HC Level Limit 200ppm

1st Fast Idle Test (2500 rpm)
CO Level 0.59%
HC Level 29ppm

2nd Fast Idle Test (3000 rpm)
CO Level 0.71%
HC Level 46ppm

Natural Idle
CO Level 0.64%

IMHO, this ain't too bad considering the limits for a non-catalysed car are 3.5% and 1200ppm!

Just glad that I've got a free retest within 7 days