2L 8v vs 1.8 8v throttle body.
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Thread: 2L 8v vs 1.8 8v throttle body.

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    Where would I have got one of those carbs from and how much???

    Also, what would you do with the rest of the electrics for it??? Need to change ECU etc or not???

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    You should be able to get a manifold and carb from a scrappy. I would say 50 quid. the inlet is the important bit there are many models and getting the correct one may be difficult. They all have identification marks on them but i couldnt tell you what it is till i go home at the weekend.

    I wont tell you what to get as i am not 100% certain what cylinder head you have got.
    As for the carb any pierburg 2E should do the trick these can be found on allmost any astra/nova/cavalier, It would be good if you can find one off a 1.8 engine as it should be jetted correctly for the engine. If not getting replacement jets is not expensive.

    No electrics would be required but you may need to get a carb distributor. The carbs use a vacume to advance the timing and the injection does this electronically. Feul pump is another consideration. You would really need a feul pump that fits onto the cam box of the engine. If your car does not have this, the top of the engine would have to be dissasembled and cam box changed (good if you want to skim your head change valve stem oilseals etc etc.

    But in brief this is all you would need to run on a pierburg.

    cambox mounted feul pump
    pierburg manifold to suit head
    pierburg carb (auto or manual choke)
    Vacume advance distributor
    one power lead that feeds off the ignition for an elctrical feul cut off in the carb.
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