De-cat pipe?
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Thread: De-cat pipe?

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    Question De-cat pipe?

    Can someone tell me is there anything special about de-cat pipe? How does it look like?

    Because I intend to take the cat off and replace it with simple pipe (same diameter as the pipe that follows after the cat).

    I think that lambda sensor is places just before the cat at my Astra GTE 16v and I'm not sure is it the original place. So I can just leave it there, can't I?

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    Apart from that, you just need to ensure you get the right de-cat pipe for your car - the cat (and hence the decat pipe), come after the lambda sensor, so don't worry about it.

    Once you've got it, fit it yourself, or go down to your local exhaust place, who'll fit it for 10 or thereabouts. Keep the cat. in case you need it for MOT - shouldn't do though as our 1993 Astra Gsi got through recently with de-cat.

    And don't let the place who does the work for you keep it!


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