How much extra do i get? (CatBack vrs BackBox)
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Thread: How much extra do i get? (CatBack vrs BackBox)

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    Question How much extra do i get? (CatBack vrs BackBox)

    I'm considering getting a magnex exhaust.

    I'm not to sure what to get please take into account i have a 1.4 8v SPi.

    I was thinking of getting a catback system, but seeing as it costs 155 more than just the backbox, what do i get extra for that 155?

    So what does a catback system give that the backbox doesn't?

    with my engine, shall i just go with backbox?

    I am willing to pay for the catback as long as i get my 155 extras worth?

    how much extra bhp/torque will i get out of the catback from just the backbox, if any?
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    the best thing is to go to a catback system thats for sure
    than only the backbox.
    be carefull for the pipe diameter this is the main reason to gain or to lose torque and bhp.
    if the two boxes are ''free'' exhaust emmisions
    you will probably have an increase of oxygen i dont know if this creates any problems with the exhaust emmisions in your country
    1)search for a catback by a famous company that is tested and gives certain figures of gain in bhp and torque
    2)try for a handmade stainless steel catback from a good exhaust constructor.

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