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    Question More power !!

    I have a X16XE (105ish bhp) in my tigra, and want some more power and torque.
    Currently has no engine mods.
    What are the best options to go for, and can I get it up to 150ish bhp ?
    103 bhp & 100 ft - It's still just a car - at the moment !
    Wanna buy old Landrover stuff - see me !!!

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    I copy the same answer i said to other friend with the same doubt. O hope help you.
    Well friend.. i think all tunning project need before see the desire of owner. You need calculate how much money you can expend and how many horspowers you looking for.
    If you looking for cheap tunning, and only gain a small/medium perfomance, you can make a litle work in N/A area like:

    -remap the ECU(i don't know if your fuel injection is analogic, if is not, you can remap your ecu and improve about 4 to 7 bhp)

    -work in your TB or put a bigger TB(maybe you can improve about 3 bhp, depends what work(flow improved) you will make)

    -HeadWork(you can do in your home with a dremmel, only need read a lot of informations that here in MigWeb Forum have, find in search engine), you can improve about 7 to 13% of bhp.

    -4x1 or 4x2 exhaust manifold(you can improve about 5 bhp)

    -medium or high duration camshafts(well, its need your choice, high duration cams you will lost the most torque you have in low and mids revs, but will improve good power in high). The gain is about -5 to 20+ bhp of power(depends of duration and specs of cam).

    this is a group of cheap modifications you can improve good power in your engine, without a lot of money. Its is more cheap than a turbo kit, but improve so less perfomance than it. If you looking for make more power in N/A mode, is more cheap go to turbo. Because N/A tunning is cheap for some horsepowers limit, when you looking cross this limit, you need a lot of money. Because need buy a TB's kitt, change the valve springs, racing work head(with bigger and lighter valves), forged rods and balanced all internal parts of engine....and a lot of expensive modifications for go to high revs.
    And turbo you only expend the money of turbo kitt, and make the same power of N/A strong engine, without a lot of modifications. And in turbo engine you can work in both areas, turbo and N/A and make good power without need uprated parts.

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    There was a feature in both CCC and TV recently concerning your engine. The main things to do is replace the whole complicated inlet tract with a simpler aftermarket one, fit a decent exhaust, and increase the fueling. From this combo one of these engines made about 160bhp iirc.

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    Also try Velos they deal only with 14xe and 16xe engines lots of power but will cost.

    £1500 will get u about 140 - 150bhp! or (I never thought i would say this being a lover of the 14xe) you could put a 20xe in and have an instant 150bhp and quite a lot more torque for less money!
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