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Thread: LET head work

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    Question LET head work

    having started up the phase route for my LET tuning i appreciate that the power gains are boost / turbo related. now i wouldnt mind having a bit of "ALL ROUND" grunt.

    There is little mentioned on most tuners sites regarding modified heads for the LET, do people do it? is it worth it?

    It seems to be popular with the N/A 16valvers, with better gains again when using throttle bodies.

    Is there a blydenstein (or similar) head available?
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    Hi mate,

    I had the head on my Astra Turbo (c20LET) ported by DVAndrews.
    The trick with the porting on a turbo head is to not make the ports to big because the air will slow down / stall and not spin the turbo up as quick.
    Attension must be paid to the valve seat to put a nice radius on it to help get the air moving as soon as the valve starts to open.
    Also bringing the Exhaust and inlet valve sizes closer to each other i.e bigger exhaust valve size.

    Viset the DVAPower web site:


    Or E-mail: DVAndrews@aol.com

    I can vouch for the quality and value for money of Dave's work as this is the 5th head that he has ported for me. Also speak to "Animal" on mig for recomendation........


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