fuelling problems (not vaux)
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Thread: fuelling problems (not vaux)

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    fuelling problems (not vaux)

    OK I know this isnt a vaux but im trying to help a friend and thought someone might be able to help me.

    The car in question is a 90 vw polo 1.3 coupe with a pierburg 2e carb.

    Initial problem was when it gets warm it cuts out when the revs fall ie stopping at junctions or changing gear, but flat out it absolutely flies.

    plugs/leads/cap/rotor arm have already been replaced.

    Having discvonnected the auto choke if I close the choke the engine will run fine as soon as you open the choke it cuts out.

    So I thought either to much air or to little fuel.

    The carb/fuel pump/filter have all been replaced so i felt that eliminated the fuel side!

    I have also had the inlet manifold of and resealed it to the head and carb and inspected it for cracks (looking for an air leak!

    Anybody any suggestions as it is still the same.

    Could I have got another duff carb?


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    only thing can think of mate is does it have the little valve that opens when ign turned on as if faulty stalls at low revs. vw beetles campers have em so maybe polo does. if so unscrew it take out slide valve and retry. if that works buy new one or leave out. only a suggestion as long time since played with vw
    can trace valve at base of carb with a single wire connected to it.
    but what happens if somebody says to anybody that nobody has a clue that nobody said to anybody about somebody!!!

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