Well im still struggeling,
I've not phoned around yet as i still havnt got my boost gauge that goes over 1.5 bar.. running off an analouge 1.5bar gauge trying to tune to 1.5 bar isnt a good idea

Anyway, i need some help ..

My car is standard engine apart from the phase kit, in Sixth gear i now practically realise the stated figures... i get say 1.45 bar overboost and 1.1 bar held.. but in other gears 3/4 etc i only get 1.3bar overboost and .9 or 1.0 bar held..

If i apply more pressure to the power spring, surely it will go over the 1.5bar in sixth before i realise 1.5bar in third? And why is my held boost level so low in 3rd 4th etc..

It was suggested to ajust my actuator in previous post as it was leaky wastegate, i left the actuator setup alone (setup as standard, up to gate in closed position, then 4mm pretension) but have tigntened the power spring as much as i dare with an alalogue gauge.... when i get my digi gauge, ill take it right to 1.5 bar, but i dont think ill realise good boost figures in 3/4/5 before it starts going over 1.5 in sixth..

Any ideas?
Should i perhaps loosen the actuator pretension and tignten the spring up more? or maybe tignten the actuator and loosen the spring?? or dont u think its a wastegate issue??? I'm mearly assuming it is by the way my car can actualise the figures in sixth, if it were a turbo/other problem surely i wouldnt be able to get those figures ever???

Please can a PIII user(basic, not boost controller lmao) post their acutal boost figures in different gears on i know what can be realised.