Rear Brakes fixed but.....
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Thread: Rear Brakes fixed but.....

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    Rear Brakes fixed but.....

    hmm ok thanx to everyone for their help before on my previous topic about my damn rear shoes lockin up, well anyways over the past 2 days i did my best to clean the inside of the drum or wateva its called and today i got the new cylinder put in and adjusted and all that stuff,

    i just went for a like 30min drive and it was perfect till about the last 25 mins wen i was goin round a round about and (im not sure which side) but it locked up then realesed this was the only time it happened

    (i have only replaced the one on the passenger side cause i mechanic i bought it from said the other side is ok, du think it just requires a clean aswell or replace the cylinder??)

    im on a mission to make my car safe.... why the hell is it proving so damn hard!!!

    anyways if anyone has any idea's then plz post em up tomz wen i get home ill open up the drivers side n see wat it looks like in there n see how dirty it is n how full of oil it is

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    Right first things first, jack up the vehicle and remove the rear wheels. Take both drums off and check the cylinders for leaks and see wether they move freely. To check they aren't siezed try pushing the shoes from side to side with your hands. Check for leaks by peeling back the rubber covers and inspect for fluid seapage. If all is fine then your cylinders should be ok. Ruff the shoes up a wee bit to get rid of any shinnie surfaces. Make sure all pivot points behind the shoes are free from crap and if necessary re-grease. Check the drum for crap and see if they have worn causing a inner lip. Remove any excess rust from the inner lip if there is any, re-adjust brake shoes and refit drums. When adjusting the shoes it's beat to loose of the hand brake first. That way you'll get a truer adjustment with out the hand brake holding on. Adjust shoes to required adjustment and thenh nip up the handbrake adjustment. Make sure the drums move freely and then refit wheels. The usual adjustment for the handbrake is about 4 clicks and that the handle end comes level with the seat. Give that a go Dont forget to grease up the handbrake cable pivot points on the axle either.
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