Engine Light Problem
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Thread: Engine Light Problem

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    Engine Light Problem

    Got a problem with my 1.6 16v C16XE engine. It's in my Nova and is running fine though my engine light comes on after a certain trend.

    If when i start the car I drive it at a constent speed and don't drop the revs to harshly it dosen't come on. However, if I go on the motor way, I could floor it all the way up to 120mph and it still wouldn't come on, it only comes on when I slow down so if I am keeping a constent speed of 80mph and then have to brake (not sharply) say down to 60mph then the engine light will come on as soon as I re-apply the trottle, can anyone of the top of there head give me a reason why this is happening? Ocassionally at the point where I re-apply the throrrtle it will kick out some blue smoke. but that maybe only after I have de-accletated from say 80mph to 30mph and then re-applyed the throttle.

    I have had a compression test on the head and the piston and all is well....

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    do a diagnostic check information available in the archived section

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