V6 fanbelt change
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Thread: V6 fanbelt change

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    V6 fanbelt change

    Finally got round to having a bash at the fanbelt and tensioner on the old girl (no, not Kirsty, the V6 )
    Someone didn't tell me an engine mount had to come off
    Just take the airbox off and then it's only a couple of bolts they said..
    Nearly gave up then, but carried on regardless...
    Tensioner... off, new one on (not much room for a ratchet in there and damn those torx bits to hell lmao )

    Now the belt, already drew myself a diagram of how the old one went round the 7 pulleys so no problem there then....
    One pulley and the tensioner one still to wrap the thing around but....
    Ran out of belt!!!.... the damn thing isn't long enough!!!

    Local part dept. gave me a 2020 long one when it should (I guess) be the 2260 length
    Quite puzzling that EPC lists two belts of different lengths for the same car both for cars with AC... WTF??

    Anyway, Kirsty off to Vx in the morning to get the right damn belt.... Car's now off the run until Wednesday

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    Tried the VIN filte on EPC m ine comes up with all the belts Exc. Air conditioning!!

    go figure.
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