High rev power loss
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Thread: High rev power loss

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    High rev power loss

    a couple of weeks ago i posted this


    people suggested it was ignition, others i spoke to suggested fuelling, so i have done the following-
    New dizzy cap, rotor arm, plug leads, (at the cost of 45!!!!!! ) replaced the fuel line between the pump, vapour chamber and carb as i noticed they were starting to split, took the top off the carb and gave it the cleaning of its life (inluding the gauze filter)

    and guess what...... it's still bloody doing it !!!!!!

    juddering, power cutting out when revved over 4000, but running fine at all other times, and it will happily run to the red line in neutral

    what could this be????
    fuel pump?, ignition timing? totally ****ed engine?

    it is driving me mad!!!!!!!

    (the car is an '89 1.6 carb)

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    Carb cleaner doesn't clean everything...

    Best is to disassemble carb and blow through very nozzle and hole with compressed air.

    I suppose something is wrong in the carb, and you have a to lean mixture on the higher revs.

    Are there other signs for lean running ie plugs?

    Have you checked the coil (ie resistance of high and low voltage coil?)

    Timing is checked?
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    Does it accelerate fine and then when you get to around 4000ish misfire, jolt around and then suddenly accelerate?

    Change the crank sensor. happened to me.

    Or does it seem to accelerate fine through the rev range when you accelerate really slowly and then progressivly (over time) got worse to the fact that it just misfires around >3500rpm?

    check the spark plug gaps. happened to me.

    hmmm just noticed that you got a carb engine. do they have crank sensor?

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