Engine wiring loom problems
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Thread: Engine wiring loom problems

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    Question Engine wiring loom problems

    Hi All,

    I'm new on here, and I have a Mk2 Cavalier LX which I'm converting from a 1.6carb to a 2.0SRI 130 - Again from a Mk2.

    I've got the engine in ok, and the ecu is fine. The engine's not running yet as I have a problem with the wiring loom cos I think a small part of it is missing.

    About 2-3 inches from the positive battery terminal, I have a plastic connector block which comes out of the new loom. I have nothing to connect to this as yet. The old Mk2 1.6 coil had a small black module mounted underneath it, but for the new engine all I got was a cylinder type coil.

    There are 7 wires on this connector, which I've labelled below with what I think are there uses;

    A - BLANK
    B - BROWN, WITH BLUE STRIPE, To dash for ECU light
    C - BLUE, WITH RED STRIPE, Leave disconnected (speed MPH)
    D - BLACK, Ignition to black on old coil wire
    E - GREEN - Rev counter, to green on old coil wire
    F - BROWN, WITH YELLOW STRIPE - leave disconnected (fuel comp
    G - BROWN, WITH RED STRIPE - don't know
    H - BLACK / WHITE - fuel pump via 20A fuse.

    In order to wire this up properly, should I have a small black module with the new coil???

    The wires I have coming from the old loom (which used to connect to the old coil) are GREEN, BLACK and BROWN. The green went to the '-' on the coil and the black to the '+'. then all three of the wires went to the small black module which has one cable coming out to a small platic plug which attached to the side of the old distributor.

    I'm stuck mainly, as to how I should wire up the coil. I could do with looking at somebody's Mk2 SRI 130 (Any offers??????).

    I've looked at Mk3 Cavs, but the wiring loom is different.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!


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    from memory there is a small black module under the coil measuring about 2" by 3" and about 10mm high has a black plug going on to it that has something to do with the spark i know there the same on all mk2 1.8 and 2.0 8v astras and mk2 cavs it could be that
    the coil in a cav sits near to the battery

    i have one in the garage if you need a pic email me and let me know

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