making a 1.3 carb faster!
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Thread: making a 1.3 carb faster!

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    Question making a 1.3 carb faster!

    any gen on making 1.3 carb engines faster?

    already got a bolt on K+N... and know about cams...

    ne more
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    Cheers Fella!
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    May 2001
    Workville Ipswich
    BTCC cav & LET Corsa
    13S block, bored to 1397cc
    New oversized 1200 77.78 mm pistons and rings
    Lightened and balanced pistons and connecting rods
    Lightened and balanced crank
    Lightened and balanced AP Lockheed clutch
    Lightened and balanced flywheel (race specification)
    New big end bolts
    New main bearing bolts
    New white metal bottom end bearings
    New white metal main bearings
    Enlarged crank case breather
    New up-rated oil pump
    New water pump
    1.2 deep throat cylinder head from 1984 Nova
    Ported, Gas flowed and skimmed
    Re-shaped and matched squish chambers
    New treble cut valves and treble cut valve seats
    New valve stem oil seals
    New GTE light rockers
    New GTE hydraulic lifters and thrust pads
    New GTE camshaft and seals
    High tensile stainless manifold studs and brass nuts and washers
    New thermostat and sender
    Alloy anodised race spec vernier camshaft timing pulley
    Pipercross air filter
    Pipercross crank case breather filter
    Fully rebuilt 32/34 DMTL twin choke Weber Carburettor
    1.4 main jets
    1.4 idle jets
    Modified adaptor plate matched to inlet manifold
    Ported, gas flowed and matched short reach inlet manifold
    New Bosch distributor
    New distributor cap
    New rotor arm
    New 55 alternator
    New cam belt
    New alternator belt
    All new Cadmium plated socket cap head bolts
    Jan-speed 4-2-1 four branch exhaust manifold matched to cylinder head
    Jan-speed full stainless steel straight through exhaust with 3 inwardly rolled tail pipe
    Modified quick action throttle cable bracket
    All new gaskets and seals
    New oil filter
    New plug leads

    and a max power sticker

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