ICV on a Vectra 2.6 v6

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Thread: ICV on a Vectra 2.6 v6

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    ICV on a Vectra 2.6 v6


    I have a 2.6 V6 Vectra Gsi on an 02 plate, the idle control valve needs sorting as it has a lumpy idle and cuts out from time to time.
    My problem is I have no idea where it is, thought it might be the same as the 2.5 v6 engine but doesn't seem to be, have compared pictures of the 2.6 engine to the 2.5 and from doing a few searches the place they say the ICV is on the 2.5 isn't there on the 2.6.

    Anyone able to let me know where abouts it is? Or have a picture of one?

    Have done many searches and don't seem to be having much luck.


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    Re: ICV on a Vectra 2.6 v6

    Think the idle control valve on the 2.6 is built into the throttle body as it is fly by wire.

    Take the inlet off to the throttle body and spray a load of carb cleaner into the port for the idle valve, it may help.
    The other cause of lumpy idle may be a faulty mass airflow sensor(maf) but you may have to plug in a code reader to check

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