BLown Gaskets
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Thread: BLown Gaskets

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    BLown Gaskets

    A friend of mine has just bought a Cav, shortly after found it was pi$$ing oil.

    spent 205 on a service incl. cam belt/rocker cover gasket.

    Still loosing oil. the guy who serviced it says it all happened because the engine breathing pipe was filled solid as a rock (took him ages to clear it) and the pressure build in the engine prolly blew the gaskets.

    IF this IS the case what gaskets is he looking at going? The head gasket is fine (im pretty sure of that) Id have thought the sump Gasket, (as strong as they are?) but surely driveability wouldve suffered, which it hasn't. car is an ecotec gls

    Any Gen on what to look into?
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    Gaskets to check would be sump,camshaft,crankshaft and rear main. If it's been blown out through blocked breathers it could be any of the gaskets/oil seals on the engine
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