I need help with my bloody engine! Last week, when MOT, I fail, as the CO is too high.

In time being, we turn down the pressure, as there are definately something go wrong with the engine, so, before we do anything, I have to get the MOT first....

The engine is running hot, and spark plug look very white, like a piece of paper, which normally mean lean, but, it run very hot. The CO reading is very high, about 3.8%!!!! So is too rich! whatever I turn up or down, the fuel rate in the fuel pressure regulator, it still look lean.

In idelling, it run rought and low, it should be about 1000rpm, but now is about 900 something.

Some one suggest is the ignition timing, but what could I do?

The engine is a 8V 2.0i 20seh, which 285 high lift cam and superchip, high energy ignition coil, Janspeed 4-2-1 exhaust manifold with Motronic ml 4.1 injection...

I have try to block the hose of the crank case breather, but nothing change.

I don't think is the problem of the fuel rate, as all the adjustment will not affect it, include the idelling CO adjuster in the air flow meter.. is it the problem of the ECU? chip? of something else?

what can I do?? anyone have experience that before?