c20xE wiring problems
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Thread: c20xE wiring problems

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    c20xE wiring problems

    Trying to wire the 2ltr 16v up to work in my nova SRi;

    With the ignition turned on Ive got the battery light, oil light, fuel guage, handbrake light and ( ! ) light, which I think is brakes.

    I havnt got the engine light. When I turn the car over all the lights go off on the dash(as normal) but the car doesnt turn over.

    Here is the wiring I have done.

    The SRi loom is still connected as I was told it doesnt matter.

    so far here is what ive got;

    from the multipin plug on c20xe;
    c20xe nova function
    blue wiv green stripe -> blue wiv green stripe Oil Light
    blue with white stripe -> blue with white stripe Battery
    blue with yellow stripe -> blue with yellow stripe Dunno
    black with red stripe -> black with red stripe Goes into starter motor

    was told to connect the black wires up BUT on nova loom there are 3 black wires, 2 thin 1 thick
    on C20XE connector there are 2 thin black wires.
    When I join one of the black wires from nova loom to one of the c20xe black wires a relay (next to coil) activates. the other c20xe wire does nothing.
    Thing is the relay doesnt make no noise now after it made a wierd buzzing noise

    Someone mentioned something about a green wire to? there is a big green wire that goes from within car to the wiper motor? other then that the only other green wire went from the fuse board to the Ecu.

    So what do I need to do to get my car to start (or engine light to come on, since my battery is a tad low).

    Do I need to do anything for my fuel pump to work.


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    blue/yellow wire is the oil pressure gage on digi dash.
    black wires are both ign live.
    relay is for the fuelpump.
    engine managment wire isbrown/blue.
    blue/red is fuelpump from relay connect to fusebox.
    green wire on xe loom is rev counter.
    not turning over check engine earths then check starter connections hope this helps

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    hi mate, u haveto be very careful with the sri loom as the engine loom is integrated into the main loom.

    i fitted a corsa gsi lump in mine a few months back, wiring was much more difficult than when i fitted it into a gte.

    the starter conectors are the same, use the wires off the sri loom (make sure you disconect all the earths from the old loom, tape them up, and unplug the ecu under the dash)
    with the rev counter i ran a new piece of wire directly from the 16v loom through the car and into the apropriate wire on the dash as it goes through the ecu on the sri.
    the fuel pump - unpluged the conector from the sri fuel pump relay, conected the wire from the 16v fuel pump relay onto this.

    cant think of any others but if you need more info let us know!

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