Electric Fuel Pump-- For Nova
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Thread: Electric Fuel Pump-- For Nova

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    Electric Fuel Pump-- For Nova

    Hello men!!

    Well problem is that i put a 1.2 single point injection engine in me wee nova flair and didnt think 2 check if the fuel pump off the 1.4 would fit!!! The mounting holes r there but the main hole for the pump mechnism to run off the cam is just a blank and would need drilled out!!

    I am using an electric pump off my m8's mini at the moment so im looking for a electric pump for myself!!

    Does anyone have one or know where i could buy one?????


    PS it must b an Electric Pump
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    Surprised no-ones taken this one yet...

    Don't drill out the hole for the pump! If you have retained the injection sustem on the 1.2 engine, you will need high pressure fuel for it to run properly. I'm informed the spi engines had the pump mounted inside the tank, so the best option would be to source one of these. I suppose you could use the pump for the MPi engines, like I've got cable tied to the rear chassis, but not sure if the pressure might be too high and would need regulating down. A lot.
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    Its best to get the injection tank as well as it has the right mount for the pump (accessed by a bung in the floor under the back seat) and the tank has a 'swirl pool' moulded into it to help feed the pump with fuel.

    U should also have a fuel return line running back to the tank.

    Vaux do them for around 200 or you could get a pattern one from a motor factors for around 60 - perfect fit as well.

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