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    Question radiator fan

    hey ppl i drive a mk3 astra sport

    this might sound a bit stupid but a while back i was doing an average speed of about 70 mph and i heard the car sound change slightly, i recently turned the ignition and when i checked under the bonnet the radiator fan wasnt turning even though the engine was running.

    im not a wizz when it comes to car so im a bit confused as to whether or not its normal or not so can u help me with this, is it usual for the radiator to not turn when the cars just been started?

    u might be able to save me a long drive to discover if it turns on after.

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    the fan wiil only come on when engine reaaches it operating temprture which is controlled by a switch in the radiator.
    most cars the fan doesnt come on till around the 95-105oc mark and then will take it down to a lower tempreture again

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