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Thread: Engine Swap Question

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    Engine Swap Question

    Going from a 1.6 Carb to a 2.0 SEH Injection (Mk3 Cav engines both of em)

    Few questions......

    With the electrical side.... will I be able to "plug-and-play" ???

    I know I'll have to remove the 1.6 MTSi (?) system and plum in the SRi's ECU system... no biggy but..... will the big yellow plug at the right of the engine (does all the starter stuff I think!) need playing with???

    Also will the two green (I think) plugs where the ECU is sat (drivers footwell) be there to plug into on the 1.6???

    I know I'll have to change the fuel pump (SRi one is external.... will the wiring be there for that too???).....
    I assume I'll have to change the fuel tank as well??

    This is the only aspect that is worrying me! Thanks for any info!

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    put a ecotec 2.0 fuel pump in the tank as for wiring leave your wiring on starter alt etc only few wires to join on 2.0 ecu harness red blue fuel pump and rev counter green . management light cnt remember whatcolor but ill tell you if you get stuck also probly best using 2.0 coil
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