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    Question Best cam

    I am just about to start the rebuild of my cavvy.We are debating making it a 2.2 SRi but still unsure .Iam after pure grunt.I have already polished & ported the head .k&n induction,4 branch+system.What cam is the best 4 a SRi 2.0 8v and are performance chips a worthwile investment.
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    One of the best cams for the Sri is the one that's already in it. Essentially a fast road cam, it makes peak torque quite high up the rev range, good power for a 2.0 8v engine and also will pull from idle in any gear.
    If you must, go for a mild "fast road" cam and add 4-5BHP and lose a bit of bottom end torque.

    This 2.2 malarky. I don't see how you're going to do it. The 2.0 block can be bored out to 2.05 for 40 overbore pistons or 2.09 for 400 pistons. To make 2.2 you need different crank and con rods but the angles all go pants and you end up with a less rev tolerant engine.

    Performance chips? Well a lot of people here don't like Superchips, not worth the money on a normally aspirated engine. Unichip at 450 fitted can be worth it since they allow custom mapping.
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