I was wondering, I am currently getting two fault codes:

36 - Incorrect RON/Octane Setting
72 - Throttle Position Switch Full Load Contact.

Now, the car has been off the road for a little while due to some hols. Since getting back it seems to be chucking this error out. Could this be a temperature related issue?!

I have checked the TS switch and it seems to be doing all the things that Haynes says it should. And the octane plug is in one piece with decent contacts.

I have noticed that when I plant the accelerator, say in second, the car goes very well but does overfuel like a biatch (it doesn't do this when I accelerate slightly less harshly). I have always put this down the the "extra-fuel" vacuum operated switch which was wired to provide (crude) extra fuel when the turbo comes on song....Is this where I should be looking? Are these all related perchance?!

Im off to the wonderful destination of Faliraki tomorrow so if anyone can help I will get back to you in week or so, thanks