How do you clean the carb?
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Thread: How do you clean the carb?

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    Talking How do you clean the carb?

    I know im running the risk of sounding like a complete newbie lmao but how do you clean the carb?

    When i start my 1.3 mrk 2 Astra, it needs a lot of gas, otherwise it would just stall.

    Theres also some spluttering while driving, and some overrun when switching off, although this isnt all the time.

    My first thoughts are either the carb or the timing, so i thought id clean the carb first, and see if it makes any difference.

    So whats the best way to clean the carb? (In laymans terms)

    Whats the best cleaner to use? Is the Nitrox range any good?


    GTE 16v

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    I just used a standard can of carb cleaner from ya run-of-the-mill Halfords type shop..........

    make sure u spray it deep in and all around every part u can possible get at........

    but MAJOR word of warning, lube/oil up all the springs and linkages on the exterior of the carb housing after, cos most carb cleaners dry out and end up leaving the carb open and ya car revving stupidly fast on idle!!!

    it may mean ya jets need cleaning, but aint got a clue how u do this as when i was encountering major problems with mine a few months back i had the carb fully professionally removed,stripped,rebuilt and refitted with new gaskets etc etc......its a worthy investment (cost about 60 or 70 i think)

    hope this might help mate...good luck
    "Too much month at the end of the money!!!"

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    running on after the ignition is switched off is called pre ignition, you get little hot spots in the head that ignite the air fuel mixture before the spark plug does its bizz. Most of this derives from the engine running too hot, which could be because of timing and or lean fuelling.

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