Yeah, dave, I would have done that if it was supplied and fitted at the same place. But, the back box was a mail order item, so it wasn't an option. add to that the fact that my standard back box was knackered, and had to be cut off it was so shagged, so I had to put this one on.

Anyway, as stated in the thread in Mig Torque, the company that makes the Sportex systems is going to sort it for me and refund the cost of the exhaust as an apology for it taking so long to sort.

I'm impressed with this, as Proven Products (who I bought the box from) weren't interested in helping me one bit. They adopted the "well it's never happened before, must have been fitted wrong, nothing to do with us" attitude.

Sportex said they'd never heard of a problem before, but didn't want me to eb unhappy with the exhaust, so they'd sort it.

I'll find out in a week if they mean it.