Oil catch tank / breather mod ?
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Thread: Oil catch tank / breather mod ?

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    Question Oil catch tank / breather mod ?

    I have a Westfield fitted with a c20xe engine that has a fabricated oil catch tank. It has two pipes (1 big - 1 small) that go from one side of the cam cover to the catch tank.

    Should the pipe (v.large) on the other side go to the tank when I do the breather mod ? At the moment It goes from the cover the metal pipe (crankcase ?). I have read that the small pipe gets blocked off ?

    The engine is running on twin 45's so I believe I should do the mod that removes all but the small square, is this right ?


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    if you mean that big pipe from next to the dipstick, leave that connecting to the cam cover. basically leave everything as it is but do the breather mod.

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