2.0 8Valve engine ecu wiring
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Thread: 2.0 8Valve engine ecu wiring

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    2.0 8Valve engine ecu wiring


    Does anybody know what the 6 or so wires are for that go to the ecu wiring. I think that there are about 6 or so wires that need connecting. There were 3 plugs one green and one black and another with a red wire and blue strip. Either that or are there any wiring diagrams on the net that can be used.

    thanks muppet
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    Ooh, let me see if I can remember...

    Brown with white strip is the ecu fault light, put this to a bulb and wire the other side to a black (12V when ignition on) wire.

    The black one you can just plug into the same terminal on the coil that has a lack wire already going to it.

    Red and blue one goes to the fuel pump via a 20A fuse

    Green is for the rev counter (optional, but looks better, obviously).

    There is a black with a red stripe, which is normally the colour for the starter motor engage, but I haven't wired it on mine (I think it primes the fuel pump when cranking the engine, probably helps it start in really cold conditions).

    And that is all I've got on mine!

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    astra dan

    can you help me out in this thread here

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