Living with a turbo?
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Thread: Living with a turbo?

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    Well I suppose I'm all out into simplicity. I like the crude design of the Astra GTE 8v - there's nothing to it really. It's simple cheap speed and that's what I want.

    However, I'm not in a position to say much about turbos really. I'm sure that they provide more kicks (I saw Phil Ds Astra GTE turbo move ) and are probably fine if looked after. They are a more highly stressed engine, so more care needed.
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    Originally posted by TOBYC
    a men................

    still paranoid tho
    as my grandfather used to say
    "'s better to be paranoid with the turbo, rather than wait like an idiot for the AA..." Wise words, came from his forefathers:

    Change synthetic oil/filter every 3-4K miles.
    Rotate tyres as well.
    Change ALL fluids every 2 years.
    Install a FMIC (the ancient Chinese knew what they were doing!)
    Use only SUL
    After 5 years or so change ALL hoses, as they are now baked in those underbonnet temps

    You can't go wrong with that - distilled wisdom, centrifuged and filtered.
    Served hot (operating temp anyway)
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    My oil temp hits about 50 degrees when the water is around the 70's. Thats when the volvo computer goes from saying 'Cold' to giving you a temp reading. Full oil temp is not too long after water temp, say 2-5 mins. I don't use the boost when it says its 'Cold', moderate boost (1-2psi) when it's 50-80 degree's, then after that i class it as hot.

    For cooling down, i've gone off the idle thing a little bit. Like other's have said it hardly looses any heat. Driving calm before stopping is much better. It's not so much the engine (or oil) temp either, it's the turbo temp. If you sit at idle with a glowing turbo it takes _ages_ to cool. Hence why the turbo timers leave the engine running for so long. And all that time the engine is running with lowish oil pressure and slow flow in the cooling system, so it takes even longer to cool!

    If you're worried quite a few turbo cars have a little water pump that runs on switch off if it's hot. My 440 has one, other volvo,s some audi's and various others too.

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