Well, the engine in the other pictures needs a full rebuild now as it has low compression on no 4. I think it's a ring gone AWOL.

From other threads it seems Auto Vaux are the ones for bits?

How about this for a list, the head was rebuilt not long ago so i'll leave that as one with manifolds and all then just take the pistons out. Anything i've forgot?

Head Bolts
Head gasket
Downpipe gasket
Piston Rings
Mains and Big end bearings
Rod bolts? (Worth changing to ARP?)
Sump gasket

Other odds and sods like oil, filter, antifreeze, sealent for the cam carrier.

Water pump and cambelt are both new

Are the 3 stone hones good enough, or is it best to beg/borrow/steal a hone that DVA was on about?

This will be my first bottom end rebuild.... ahh well, not my car if i arse it up. lmao

Any more advice welcome, like how to protect the crank from crap when you hone, checking condition of bearings etc.