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Chris B - The plan is for the Phase 3 with FMIC and bigger oil cooler (getting done now) followed by head work and uprated con rods and low comp pistons (after the summer). I've already got a CS charge cooler and aquamist water injection and the 5th injector with the Bosch Reds. Then it will be KKK16 with K26 compressor housing and uprated 4x4 (probably next year if it lasts that long). Then maybe crank shaft and bottom end work. what do you reckon it will give?

330-340BHP tops I would reckon.

TBH, I would sell the CS Chargecooler. CC's are so small that they work best when there is a large temperature differential. With the air being just above ambient temp after leaving the FMIC, the CC will not lower it very much more.

The CC also causes another obstruction and a small pressure drop. The turbo then has to work a bit harder to maintain intake pressure and more heat is generated basically cancelling out any CC benefits.

This only applies to a CC following a FMIC.

Hopefully I'll have a better idea of power come 21st June. The car is being mapped to a unichip with similar boost levels to Phase III and 3D mapped water injection.