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    Fan Belt

    Another prob following the flat battery, prob a cause, driving up to derby today the fan belt started screeching like crazy and the battery light came on. this kept happening for 10 second periods about 4 times. also there was a high pitched wining noice, not very loud but just noticeable. Once the car was turned off and then back on again after about 10 mins, it stopped as has been fine.

    Is this the fan belt going? its only a year and a half old.

    cheers for any help, AD

    ps. it was raining heavy, dunno if this has anyfin to do wiv it but...
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    well large amounts of water can cause a loose belt to squel, but it is either loose or its going to need replacing

    best thing is to replace it really, then you know that cause is not longer a cause

    it was ok after tne minutes probably cos the heat of the engine had dried the belt out and the wheelsit runs on
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