Nova SRi= F13cr Gearbox??
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Thread: Nova SRi= F13cr Gearbox??

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    Angry Nova SRi= F13cr Gearbox??

    Would I be right in saying that all the 1.4SRi engines came with the F13cr Gearbox? my garage have just rung just saying they tried to fit my gearbox on the 1.6 block and it wouldnt fit. Why? because it is a F10L? Even worse an F13cr would no way fit to my SRi engine as my SRi engine has been cast to fit the gearbox that was on it (F10L). WTF!!!!

    mechanic is well cheesed off as he has 2 strip another nova now to get me the box. and im cheesed off as I wont get the car back for a couple more days now!!!!!
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