Is the 1.8 Corsa SRi, and Elegance models engine a small block variety? Large block, or a new block all together?

Maybe it could be a small block. The main difference is stroke. Can the small block be bored to 80.5mm safely ?? Does it work like that with the small block? The max bore is the same for all the engines bottom ends?

1.6 16V - Bore 79mm, Stroke 81.5mm | Box F15
1.8 16V - Bore 80.5mm, Stroke 88.2mm | Box F17

So the 1.8 is a 1.5mm overbore of the 1.6 with a massive stroke. Does that mean it'll be very 'unrevvy' ?

Wow, how many questions can you fit in one post! ? lmao