VKR power caps?
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Thread: VKR power caps?

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    lee may

    VKR power caps?

    Has anyone got one, what are they like it says power increase from 4-10 bhp, is these feasable and would I lose bottom end power?

    I was thinking about getting one for the 16v nova I am doing. It would make it easyer for me as I wouldnt have to 'mod' (hit with a hammer) the scuttle pannel.


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    lee may

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    Im gonna get one, more air more power. I put it this way a full system costs 250 + and the extra power gained prob wont be more than 5-8bhp if that. So this mod is way less in cost, if you take the claim with a pich of salt and allow for say 5bhp it makes it worth it . Plus like a zorst its supposed to have a nice sound.

    Im gonna get one and paint it chrome, but apparently VKR are still waiting for stock to come in from Germany so it might be a while.

    Go for it
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    lee may
    The strut brace I have at the moment wont fit with a 16v in it so a new strut brace for a 16v conversion is about 120 so I was going to spend the money on the power cap and then still be able to use the strut brace I have at the moment.

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