Throttle Bodies on 1.3 8v Nova??
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Thread: Throttle Bodies on 1.3 8v Nova??

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    Question Throttle Bodies on 1.3 8v Nova??


    I have a 1.3sr Nova with Twin 40s and an irmscher inlet manifold along with a Kent Cam Kit, Stage 2 Head and a full magnex zorst system. I was wondering if I could fit a set of throttle bodies without having to change the inlet manifold, ie a straight swap with the carbs. If not could I fit an induction plenum like Velos' motorsports. The reason I'm not getting an engine conversion is because I spending a lot on body styling at the mo. I read on this forum somewhere of someone having a DTA management system on their 1.3 8v fitted by Velos motorsport and they are getting throttle bodies soon. I was wondering how much that lot cost.



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    i was gonna post up about 2k why bother?
    but you know, fack it what you wanna get is a set of motorbike throttlebodies (i know they come in 38mm which should be good for a small engine, try find some in 40mm) these should fit as direct carb replacements cos they ARE carbs, just with injectors
    velo will sort out the dta mapping no doubt

    this will cost a it

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