Turbo loom querie
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Thread: Turbo loom querie

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    Turbo loom querie

    Im in the middle of installing a c20 let engine in my vxl Nova

    I ve sussed the rest of the wiring part of the conversion although i have a few questions?

    1. Once the loom has left the black casing over the top of the injectors ie on the right hand side of the engine compartment is the first wiring plug once the loom has left there?
    2. The boost control switch which plugs into the f28 box contains a 2 cable plug.These are exactly the same colour coding as the plug end above (1.).It also plugs in there.

    I dont think this is correct though.

    I know that I have to connect one of the cores to my reverse light switch on my f20 box to limit the boost in reverse

    3. The 1st gear plug to limit the boost in first is to be connected together as mentioned above im running a f20 box.The question I have is if I connect this to a in- car switch will this limit the boost in all gears?

    4. I have astra GTE diog plug does any one know how to put a di og plug into a Nova with a c20 let

    cheers in advance
    Mark Beeson

    If its a NOVA I might know. Ive tried/fixed everything.
    Nova 280+ bhp and a quaife straight cut gearkit + ATB and water injection and 6 pot calipers that wont fit! Now I have a power steering setup for my nova!
    I also own a Citroen Xsara VTS

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    1) How many pins does it have ?
    If 5 then it's to the loom extension for the idle valve & knock sensor

    2) If you mean the black/yellow/white wires this is for the reversing light switch. The engine loom connect to the ecu loom. And the ecu loom connects to the gearbox.

    3) Short to wires together to get max boost however the ecu will know you have done this and put the light on.
    There is a way around this but I'm not 100% sure on this.
    a) Super chip
    b) disconnect speed mph input to ecu (blue/red wire)
    c) disconnect reversing light connector and (b)

    4) Just connect up the wire. brown/yellow, brown/white, brown/blue.

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