Oil temp, again.
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Thread: Oil temp, again.

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    a few pointers.

    millers reckon that their 10/60 fully synthetic can run at 120 degrees safely, and can peak at 150 occationally.

    I ran with no oil stat and an oil cooler, as recomended by SBD. It cost me all my bearings and a crank regrind.

    oil water intercoolers cost about 100-150 from think automotive.

    I aim for 100+ degrees for my oil but never see it, but then again, i have a different set of problems to you guys.
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    Not a Vauxhall but,

    My Volvo Turbo has oil and coolant temp on its computer

    Idle, off boost running, oil is 85-95, coolant is 75-80

    Fast driving, oil is 95-105, coolant 80-85

    Full throttle for a few mins on the motorway, most ive seen is about 112, coolant stayed around 85.

    50 degree oil comes in about 1 mile of off boost driving, coolant is about 60-70 then, full oil temp takes about 5-10 mins

    The computer's warning that tells you to stop is 157 degrees for oil (fecking hot), and 115 for coolant.

    The car doesn't have an oil cooler.

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